Wadadli was the pre-Columbus era name of the lovely island of Antigua. Wadadli is a name widely used by Antiguans. There is actually some contention in regards to the actual name. Recently it has been suggested by historians that the correct name is actually spelt ‘Waladli’. The island holds a special place in my heart and it was where I was first introduced into the world of equestrianism. Wadadli is a place of breathtaking beauty. From picturesque beaches to lush greenery; it is one of the most stunning places on the planet.

My School Years In WadadliI have fond memories of my life in Antigua. I hope to tour there one day in the future promoting my book ‘From The Hood 2 Horses’. It will be a journey of me coming full circle. From a young teenager who knew nothing about horses, but returning a qualified Racehorse Trainer and Breeder. My book describes a period of my teenage years living on the island. For those who have never visited I say it is simply one of those things you have to set on your bucket list.

Here is a lovely video on YouTube which I have found. It shows lovely snapshots of the island set to a lovely rhythm.

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