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Crowdfunding campaign for a minibus

The Urban Equestrian Crowdfunding Campaign For A Minibus

We are currently raising money for a minibus. Our target is £8300. Please get behind our Crowdfunding campaign.

Please visit https://www.spacehive.com/urban-equestrian

Connect to us on social media @TheUrbanEquest(Twitter/Facebook/Instgram)

Any donation pledge you make is greatly appreciated. The Urban Equestrian Academy is a groundbreaking new social enterprise. Our aim is to raise funds for a minibus. This helps with cost and accessibility when connecting with the Equestrian world. We would like to extend a special thank you to BBC Radio Leicester for featuring a segment on The Urban Equestrian Academy. As a community, we have the opportunity to get more active, connect to the equestrian world and guide the younger generation towards excellence. Excellent work so far by everybody in the community and thank you to the individuals/organizations that have made a pledge to donate.

Our social enterprise aims to open doors that have not been visibly present before in the Equestrian world. Our ethos is focused on widening the participation of those with the least experience in the Equestrian world and also individuals who have the least access to it. Our services are especially beneficial to inner-city children, faith groups, specialist organisations and specific communities such as BEM communities. One of the main barriers to accessing equestrianism for these particular groups is cost, transport and accessibility. In crowdfunding for a community minibus, we aim to overcome these particular accessibility barriers and continue to widen the participation in Leicester and Leicestershire by allowing us to provide and expand on our key services and find innovative and new ways to keep our community active and inspired.

It focuses on ‘Equine Care’ and provides a firm basis to teach about various aspects of the ‘Equine Industry’. EAL (Equine Assisted Learning) can have a major positive impact on the lives of young people.

It is a fact that animals provide a very therapeutic teaching aid. One such aid can be used for personal development and the teaching of important life skills.

The Urban Equestrian Academy runs programs for children, teens and also adults. Working with a number of equestrian establishments, this program aims to teach a deeper understanding of the ‘Equine Industry’. Thus a lasting impression of the possibilities of working within the ‘Equine World’, is formed. This introductory is a stepping stone to people realizing their true potential. Maybe their future will have lies within equestrianism. This opens an opportunity that most possibly may not have been visibly present before.

The Urban Equestrian Academy program currently only runs during the school half terms. One of the program’s aims is to widen the participation ofchildren/teenagerss within Equestrianism, by targeting those with least experience (ethnic minorities, amongst others.) A range of Equestrian Centres are used as part of the running of the program.

I was introduced to the equestrian world through my Uncle in the Caribbean at the age of 14, after my parents left the UK. My uncle owned a race yard and at the age of the 17 I became a professional Racehorse Trainer. It led me to progress onto managing all duties at my Uncles Race yard named “Ocean Pacific Stables and Farm”. I returned to the UK to further my studies and career in equine. I have used Equine Assisted Learning to form positive impact on the lives of hundreds of disadvantaged young people and adults within Leicestershire. The aim is to take this beyond the East Midlands into other regions of the UK.

As of August 2nd The We ride Too Academy has now been rebranded, URBAN EQUESTRIAN. This is to reflect new times, new motivation and new beginnings. The new logo / branding is still in its design phase but will be ready in due course.

Our company number is 9700436.


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