Public Speaking

publicspeakingPublic speaking is something I am very passionate about. The ability to pass on my expertise, innovation and message to a wider audience is a skill I have come to perfect. What inspired me to get into public speaking was the formation of a business partnership. Attending various seminars and business meetings I had to speak in front of an audience for the first time. Admittedly it was quite nerve wracking, but in that moment I truly found my voice. Being able to captivate and engage an audience (whilst delivering a powerful message) is a  wonderful experience. The more seminars I attended, the more clearer my goal became.

Working in partnership with business colleagues, Jordan Singh and Rahmiah O’Neil; MindsetMasters is my Public Speaking business. We deliver workshops, seminars and lectures to a variety of audiences around Personal Development, Following your Dreams and Mindset Mastery.A number of packages are available starting from £3000. Equally packages can be delivered individually as well as tailored to your needs.

Every speaker at any conference has to possess a unique and effective introduction to their talk. Setting a firm foundation and effectively delivering a core message is a skill I have mastered. It does not end there as providing a supporting set of points to that message is paramount. Understanding how much information your audience can remember is another skill set. Many listeners are lost due to the bombardment of too much information. Finally in my conclusions I spark the catalyst in my audience. It starts the inspiration within them to bring my message to life, within their own lives. I deliver a message and the audience leaves with so much more.

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