My skill set allows me to provide a whole range of expertise, to many people. My extensive equestrian background has allowed me to provide tow breathtaking projects. They are:

Unique projects aimed at providing personal development and to aid in life skills for children / young adults. In many ways horses changed my life for the better. Drawing from my own experiences in learning about horses to progressing to where I am at now (a qualified Racehorse Trainer and Breeder) – that provides part of my expertise. Combine that with my vast experience in Youth & Community work, pioneering projects nationally and internationally. Then also at the core of my skill set also being a qualified ‘Team Tech’ &  supply teacher – it completes a full and dynamic expertise. One so unique it can only come to life through these projects. I did not choose these projects; they chose me from the very first moment I came into contact with a horse. At the time I was just not privy to that knowledge. It needed a process and my book ‘From The Hood 2 Horses’ offers a unique insight into that.

It is a fact that animals provide a very therapeutic teaching aid. Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a powerful teaching and personal development tool. I am very fortunate to pass on my knowledge and expertise; whilst at the same time helping others achieve their goals. Changing lives effectively.


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