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Novel Writing Course for Schools

Are you a school or organisation that wants to help children become writers? I have recently just taught an intense 6 week novel writing course at Moat Community College. It was a naturally progressive course, where each week my aim was to:

  • Empower, inspire and motivate young people through writing / literacy
  • Teach them the importance of reading in today’s society
  • Teach them the intricacies of novel writing and how to implement their innovation on paper correctly.
  • Get them thinking about the dynamics of a book, characterisation and symbolism. This will be the catalyst of how they approach their GCSE English literature learning.

The novel writing course is based on my own novel ‘From The Hood 2 Horses‘. Personally drawing on my creative process, I have designed a very naturally progressive, intense course based on this. A concise overview of the course structure is as follows:

  • (Week 1) Novel Analysis
  • (Week 2) Self
  • (Week 3) Other People
  • (Week 4) Language / Making It Sing
  • (Week 5) Writing The Story / Publishing
  • (Week 6) Presentation

By getting each pupil to master writing, I want to create a new found fondness in them, when it comes to reading. When they can pen a novel, they will have a greater appreciation for iconic authors of the past. It is very hard to inspire and encourage somebody to read if they have no basic interest. When they become the focal point, it gives them the confidence and the freedom to explore their hidden talents. Thus, generating their own interest in reading through their own creative writing experiences.

This 6 week informative novel writing course can be life changing. Everybody has a story to tell. By teaching them the correct means and ways to express that; their literacy skills can dramatically improve.

I would like to personally thank the pupils who took part in this course. They were very well behaved, eager to learn and are extremely talented individuals. They are a great credit to Moat Community College.

If you are a school or organisation who wants more in-depth information about this 6 week course, please contact me. I can send you a complete novel writing course information pack.

Inspire your pupils today!

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