Keyham Lodge School

As part of my motivational  / public speaking service I was invited to give a series of speeches at Keyham Lodge School, Leicester. My aim was to give an inspired speech to the pupils and guest about World Book Day. This year it fell on March 3rd. It is an inspirational day where pupils all over the world can focus on their favourite books / authors. Making that connection to reading is a path pupils can use to excel in literacy.As an author myself it was a wonderful opportunity to share with them my book ‘ From The Hood 2 Horses’.

Books are knowledge and knowledge is power. So my speech had to connect the audience those key points. Sometimes pupils find it hard to find a connection with reading. However it is important they have a starting point. A place where they can find a single book or author in which to resonate with. That is the key catalyst to form an inward reaction and realisation of their love for books.

The second part of my speech was based on the importance of intelligent revision. GCSE’s are only a few years ways and planning a structured and easy to follow revision regime is essential. I had an opportunity to speak to students a Keyham Lodge School about this. They were a wonderful audience who were constantly engaged with the points I emphasised.

I provided a 1 hour workshop which was intense, informative, enjoyable and fun.

If you would like me to attend your school and give a motivational speech please contact me. I provide public speaking focusing on:

  • Novel Writing
  • The Importance Of Revision / Revision Tips
  • World Book Day
  • My Book ‘From The Hood 2 Horses’ / Becoming A Writer



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